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There was a man who considered himself the most handsome gentleman in London.

He could hardly walk about his fine mansion without stopping to admire himself in one of the many mirrors that adorned his walls. Like Narcissus he would be frozen to the spot for hours at a time, enthralled at his own features.

The gentleman however was of a young age and, being so, recognized with age the looks he took such pleasure from now would someday recede.
These thoughts disturbed his mind, plagued his sleep and put him into great despair. How he cursed time. The endless passing of day and night, the mocking of the ticking clock. They sought to steal that he valued most, with a cruel and ceaseless attrition.

Angst, turned to a fit of depression. He took to endlessly pacing his empty home, inconsolable to what few friends still cared, who visited in hopeless attempts to provide cheer.

In silent contemplation, he leaned over a high balcony and considered the height of the fall. He whispered to himself ‘I would give all I have, if I could stop the cruel passage of time. If only I could retain that which gives me joy. Alas, I cannot fight nature. Now onto another place’.

Portrait of a Gentleman
I am so very lovely, just look at me you awful little people
I have fashioned a mirror, within which I have captured your image as you are now. Should you place this mirror where none may see, you shall age no more. All I ask for in ret-’.

The stranger’s speech halted abruptly as he spotted the events unfolding before him.

Having lifted a hand to his head in shock, the vain gentleman, so greatly startled and dizzy at what he perceived as an evil spirit in his presence, lost his balance on the balcony and plunged to an untimely end.

‘Great. That’s just great’, Satan said, looking down on his prey. ‘Didn’t see that coming at all. Waste of a good mirror too. The work those demons put into this. Will they ever be upset. Maybe I should extend my retreat at the Vatican until things calm down a bit’.

From:  The Ugly Moose

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