Hairy Women  

Posted by Argentum Vulgaris

In my sixty plus years there are some things that have puzzled me, mystified me, amused me and horrified me.

None more than the merkin. In fact the merkin is the only thing that has raised all four emotions at the same time; believe me, that takes some doing.

Now I can discern more than one mental cog out there working overtime, as in WTF is a merkin?

Merkins are like wigs, false moustaches, etc but for 'down there.' The example is a somewhat garish one, but it was difficult to find a tasteful representation.

My question, is simply, why?

If you need a merkin, it stands to reason that you don't have the natural fur covering whose onset around puberty adorns us all. If you don't, why don't you? With the exception of some bizarre accident, I can only assume that the lack is due to shaving. So why shave in the first place?

Hairless armpits, shaved legs and bald pubic area, like breast implants are an absolute turn off. I have had to accept the hairless armpits because it is difficult to find a woman today who has hairy ones. I don't mean hairy like as-a-gorilla type armpits, but a tasteful showing. One cuts ones hair on the head and trims  beards and moustaches, likewise one can cut and/or trim ones armpits to a personal level. Women complain about the itchy, sweaty feeling, but men have endured this for millenia.

These modern fads and fancies are not for me I'm afraid. Mother Nature determined what is beautiful, and in the main I agree with her wisdom.

Maybe the New Year will bring some model fame and fortune because she dared to walk the catwalk with underarm hair.

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