Save the Males  

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I just saw a post that touched base. BTW, that's not a typo in the title...

Let's consider this; today this is the new 'sex symbol' type. I don't know who he is, I don't care, but this is the 'new hero' a poncy namby pamby perfumed emo-faced kid without a pimple to his name. Leonardo diCaprio is a sad example of this.

Where have the men gone?

Men used to look like men. Clint Eastwood, he looked like a man, he looked like he would smell like a man, he looked like he was a man.

Men of his ilk have just disappeared from Hollywood planet, from society, in fact, from the face of the Earth.

I read this quote: "A growing number of men today are deprived of the very motivation that promotes civilized behavior by politically correct feminist dogma which dominates society and the legal establishment.  Families and children are collateral victims of damage to men." From (ironically, because I chose the name of the post before I found this): Save the Males

I fully realise that I am being politically incorrect. I firmly believe that political correctness is total bullshit; and that it is responsible for many of today's social maladies.

Quite frankly, the world was a better place before Germain Greer burnt her bra.

The world galloped full tit (excuse the pun) embracing the feminists and their demands.

Now don't get me wrong. I have no problems with females, I married one & created two more and their brother.

Save the Males

Males are washed up on the beach of masculinity
"So what happened to all the masculine men– the guys with calloused hands, worn out jeans, an imperfect smile and eyes that make women weak in the knees?  Men who know how to fix things and don’t mind getting dirty." Quote from the post, Rugged Men are on the Verge of Extinction, I read that stirred my loins and set my cogs in motion.

A Distasteful Consideration:

I say that political correctness is bullshit, let's examine why.

Have you ever considered why we have unemployment? "No..." I didn't think so.

In any group within society there are only so many jobs (x) available for the workforce (y). If you double the size of the available workforce, then 50% are going to be out of work. The math is simple: x ÷ y = 1 (That is one job for each; however, x ÷ 2y = ½ (means half y is out of work).

Yes, I know that's a simplistic view, there are other dynamics involved as well, but it's an example.

One of the other major dynamics is that technology has taken its toll of the number of jobs available too.

I have said in the past that technology is not progress. I will harp on that in another post.

Comments are welcome, whether you agree or disagree...

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