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Posted by Argentum Vulgaris

Now that I am here, I'm not sure.

This blog was a great blog originally, before Google made my previous account 'disappear.' There was never any reason given, nor even the courtesy of a reply.

Quite frankly, Google are a pack of ignorant bastards.

But I am here, why?

I moved all my serious blogs to WordPress, because I no longer have faith in anything 'Google.'

But I came back, why?

There is no free blogger platform that is better. WordPress and the rest are stone age basic unless you want to pay. They are primitive, limited and cumbersome.

Plus, unless I pay, and become an expert at understanding WordPress and it's intricacies, I can't have nice templates like 'my jeans.' I love this template, and it is so appropriate for this blog. The play on words, jeans/genes, what both contain and makes us human.

I had to come back.

If you were here before, welcome back, if you are here for the first time, welcome.

It will be some time before I am back into the swing of things, patience, I hope to make the wait worthwhile.

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