Women are a Mystery  

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A femme fatale

I have said it, I would wager that nearly all married men have said it along with probably the majority of single men.

"Women are a mystery" or "We don't understand women".

I therefore find it no surprise that one of the greatest contemporary minds on this planet has also said it.

Stephen Hawking admits he finds women 'a complete mystery'

Stephen Hawking
Physicist who has grappled with cosmic inflation and a quantum theory of gravity says he is baffled by women

His career has shed light on the secrets of the universe, from the nature of space-time to the workings of black holes, but there is one conundrum that still baffles the world's most famous scientist.

In an interview to mark his 70th birthday this weekend, Stephen Hawking, the former Lucasian professor of mathematics at Cambridge University, admitted he spent most of the day thinking about women. "They are," he said "a complete mystery."

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Now in the light of that statement I can only conclude, that if he finds them baffling, what hope do mere mortals like you and I have in achieving an understanding of the feminine psyche.

I put it to you... Not even if Hell freezes over.

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